How I charge

I have a range of pricing models that I tailor for your specific requirements:

  • Retainer: If you are looking for long term strategy and ongoing advice, this might be the best package for your organization. I will provide you ongoing communication and PR. Via telephone and mail, I am always open for dialogue and sparring. You will be charged for a fixed periodic fee (usually monthly) based on an agreed scope of work to make sure the work is measurable.
  • À la carte: In addition to traditional services on a monthly retainer, I also offer PR workshops and flexible consulting services. Together we will create a menu with fixed prices for services that fit to your needs. The à la carte model is ideal for organizations with a list of deliverables that must be completed within a short timeframe and fixed budget.
  • Hourly rate: f you need ad-hoc support with not a clear scope of work e.g. consultancy, crisiscommunications, inhouse support, I will charge you an hourly rate.

Transparent and honest

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