Who is Cement Communications?

Thank you for your interest in Cement Communications. 

I am Ruud van Lieshout, an experienced communications professional with a passion for building valuable connections between brands, media and influencers. 

In an ever-changing commercial climate, I believe that solid relationships, flexibility and creativity are the cornerstones of commercial success. I develop integrated campaigns with appealing stories and creative strategies to bring your brand values and propositions to life.

Through various tools and tactics, my campaigns reach every desired target group to create more sales and brand awareness for both the business and the consumer market.

To meet client expectations and to achieve the best possible results, I develop measurable work that ensures targets are met. I am doing this by developing a roadmap, which is essential to reach agreed destinations.

Feel free to touch me for a ‘no obligation’ discussion! 

Best regards, Ruud

Be inspired !

Ruud van Lieshout

I'm an experienced communication professional with 12+ years experience in both B2B as B2C commucation campaigns.

My enthusiasm, knowledge and determination will surprise you with creative campaigns that deliver ever improving results!

EMEA Sabre award
EMEA Excellence award
EMEA rising star award 2010